AS Transparent Plastic, STANDARD MODELS
 TRANSPARENT COVER : For ease of visibility and quick accessibility of medicines.
 DURABLE : Transparent High Impact Acrylic Cover and Heavy Duty ABS Base. 
The joints are further enhanced by Chromed Wire.
 SPACIOUS : Copyright and Patented Adjustable Partitions for Maximum Storage Space.
 CONVENIENT : Custom made Handle for Mobility. Hanging and Locking means also available.
 VARIETY : Multiple sizes to suit your requirements.

TRANSPARENT - For Peace of Mind

Model Number AS-1T
Model  AS Mini
Recommended For
Travel Kits, Bikes, Cars and Gifts.
Outside Dimension
( L x W x H )
140  x 51 x 95 mm (H)
5.5 x 2.0 x 3.75 in (H)
Weight Approx.  124g

Model Number AS-2T
Model  AS Premium
Recommended For
Travel Kits, Cars, Taxis, Handymen and Gifts.
Outside Dimension
( L x W x H )
170 x 54 x 132 mm (H)
6.75 x 2.125 x 5.187 in (H)
Weight Approx.  210g

Model Number AS-3T
Model  AS Small
Recommended For
Cars, Taxis, Handymen, Homes, Outdoors and Gifts.
Outside Dimension
( L x W x H )
234 54 x 135 mm (H)
9.187 x 2.125 x 5.312 in (H)
Weight Approx.  303g

Model Number AS-7T
Model AS Intermediate
Recommended For
Medium Size Homes, Offices, Workshops, Shops, Buses and Gifts.
Outside Dimension
( L x W x H )
258 x 89 x 228 mm (H)
10.125 x 3.5 x 9.0 in (H)
Weight Approx.  724g

Model Number AS-8T
Model AS Large
Recommended For
Large Size Factories, Workshops, Schools, Colleges, Kindergartens, Construction Sites, Hotels, Shops, Homes, Offices, Clubs, Government Department / Agencies, Gifts and First Aiders.
Outside Dimension
( L x W x H )
303 x 107 x 275 mm (H)
11.937 x 4.187 x 10.812 in (H)
Weight Approx. 1071g