AS Transparent Plastic, 4 IN 1
 TRANSPARENT COVER For ease of visibility and quick accessibility of medicines.
 DURABLE Transparent High Impact Acrylic Cover and Heavy Duty ABS Base. 
The joints are further enhanced by Chromed Wire.
 SPACIOUS Copyright and Patented Adjustable Partitions for Maximum Storage Space.
 CONVENIENT Custom made Handle for Mobility. Hanging and Locking means also available.
 VARIETY Multiple sizes to suit your requirements.
  FEATURES Innovative and Useful
TRANSPARENT - For Peace of Mind

Model Number 4-1 / AS-7T
Model AS Intermediate 4 IN 1
Features First Aid Kit, Torch Light Holder, Key Holder and Stationary Holder 
Recommended For
Medium Size Homes, Offices, Workshops, Shops, Buses and Gifts.
Outside Dimension
( L x W x H )
365 x 89 x 261 mm (H)
14.375 x 3.5 x 10.25 in (H)
Weight Approx. 918g